Every aspect of the Lotus EZ, from the very first design phase, all the way to final manufacturing methods are chosen to ensure that everyone who presses the power button on the Lotus EZ, enjoys what comes next. We have chosen to use CNC machining where possible in order to achieve ultra precise final products. 

The print platform and attachment are machined to the highest quality, meaning they are level and calibrated out of the box.

It's easy to see that we have also designed the top surface of the platform to be sloped, meaning the resin will roll back into the resin vat. This results in less wastage.

The Lotus EZ

The Lotus EZ is a truly user friendly 3D Printer, equally at home with a 3D Printing beginner and an advanced user. 

Looking to take advantage of the Lotus EZ's high performance capabilities?

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Why the Lotus EZ?

  • Full Control

    The Lotus EZ is fully wi-fi enabled, meaning no messy wires. It is easily controlled though any Wi-Fi enabled device with a web browser via our easy to use dashboard. 

  • Always level

    Due to extremely high quality CNC machined part and smart design, the Lotus EZ's print platform comes out of the box level and calibrated. It will never require levelling or calibration either.

  • Easy on, Easy off

    Due to the use of magnets throughout the Lotus EZ, removing the platform and the resin vat are a breeze. 

Made to be used

We spent countless hours designing the Lotus EZ, we used this time to ensure every aspect of your printing aspect is as flawless as possible. 

We used magnets throughout the Lotus EZ, this has many benefits. Making everything super easy to attach and detach is not the one of these benefits. 

The way the platform is designed, means that if too much pressure is applied to the LCD, the magnets will simply disengage, preventing damage to the LCD, platform and other moving parts. 

The resin vat also takes advantage of magnets to attach, meaning no messy spills or difficulty attaching it. 

 The edges of the resin vat are also sloped inwards, this not only forces spilt resin back into the vat, but creates a perfect edge for pouring unused EZresin back in the bottle. 


Why is LCD SLA Better than FDM?

There are many benefits of LCD SLA, some of these include: 

-LCD SLA cures 1 whole layer at a time, meaning faster printing times for big objects. 

-LCD SLA uses a high definition LCD screen to project images onto, resulting in very accurate prints. 

-The way in which prints are formed results in much higher definition prints, this is magnified in complicated sections. 

-The nature of LCD SLA printing results in waterproof prints. 

-Less moving parts means less noice, making LCD SLA a more usable technology in an office space. 

Will there be support for the Lotus EZ?

Lotus 3D Printers are 100% committed to providing full support for the life of your Lotus EZ. Whether you have questions in regards to print settings, or  more detailed upgrade questions, we are here to help! 

Why should I purchase a Lotus EZ?

Our goal from the very start was to create a 3D Printer that was truly usable by everyone. For this reason we have used ultra high quality, precision parts. For example the platform will never need levelling due to high quality CNC machining. The resin vat is also CNC machined, resulting in a never seen before ease of use. The internals of the Lotus EZ are also designed for maximum capability, Gelid ultra silent fans keep the Lotus EZ's noise output down. While a TMC1200 stepper gives proven reliability.