Lotus EZ (starter pack - delivery in January 2019)

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Missed out on our Kickstarter campaign? You can pre-order direct from us now for delivery in January 2019!

The Lotus EZ is a fully featured LCD SLA 3D printer that has a new take on design, functionality and usability.

Ease of use, wireless connectivity, and functional right out of the box without any calibrations required. This is the perfect solution for both new starters in 3D printing or SLA 3D printing, as well as for advanced, well seasoned users.


  • 47.5 micron (0.0475mm) XY resolution
  • As low as 10 micron (0.01mm) Z-axis resolution or layer height
  • Wireless connectivity from your first boot up with no set up or modifications required.
  • Comes with a FREE 500ml bottle of EZResin in black colour.
  • Responsive and comprehensive support to help you along your maker journey


What's included in the box?

  • The Lotus EZ
  • a FREE 500ml bottle of EZResin in black
  • 12V power supply (with power cable specific to your country)
  • Funnel, model scraper and vat strainer
  • a spare FEP film pre cut to the required size for your Lotus EZ's vat
  • Instruction manual and documentation
  • Support contact information card